As part of the Kura project piloted by the Gozo Curia, our parish has benefitted from EU funds which were partly used for the restoration of two massive works by Francesco Zahra. The first painting, showing the beheading of St George, was taken to Atelier del Restauro studios on 29 January.

Scaffolding was erected both to help the dismantling of the painting but also for the restoration of the cornices.  The painting was returned at our basilica on the 9 of April.  On the same day, the painting of St George in front of Diocletian was taken off the cornices and taken to the studio.  As in the first instance, the scaffolding was placed around the painting to be secured lowered while also used for the restoration of the cornices.

The second painting returned to the basilica on the 15 of June.  For both paintings, a black drapery was applied until the official opening.

Restoration works on both canvases and frames were entrusted to Atelier del Restauro following a public call, as a part of a great project coordinated in collaboration with the Gozo Curia and co financed by the EU.

The ceremony of inauguration took place on Friday 28th June 2019, at 8.00pm.


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