Like any other Catholic parish, St George’s is a community which comprises various smaller communities, some within its own structure and others spread in various pastoral realities in Victoria. Here different age groups are moulded in the love of Christ and formed in the Christian faith.

Most of the weekly meetings listed below are held at the Parish Centre and the 23four hub.

Preparation for the Eucharist and Confirmation
Thursday at 5.30pm (Sunday Mass at 10.00am)

23four Group – Youth and Teens
Form 2          Saturday at 6.30pm
Forms 3-4     Wednesday at 7.30pm
15+               Tuesday at 8.00pm
18+               Friday at 8.30pm

Preparation for Christian Marriage
Sunday (every fortnight) at 9.45am

Married Couples
Second Saturday of the month at 7.30pm

Second Thursday of the month at 5.30pm

Once a month as announced on the Sunday Bulletin

Lectio Divina
Friday at 7.30pm (St Augustine’s Priory)

Saturday at 6.30pm

Autism Mass
Once a month (Saturday at 7.00pm) the Parish organises a mass for families who have children with autism

For more information, please contact the Archpriest or the Parish Office…