No parish community can have a solid ground in faith if not sustained by ongoing formation, namely catechesis.

With maternal care, the Parish accompanies families along the path of faith, both individually and as a community, by offering formative and spiritual accompaniment: from the preparation of couples for marriage and parents for the baptism of their newborns, to weekly meetings for various young categories, namely candidates for the Eucharist and Confirmation, teens, and youth.

Our young Christians are gradually initiated to a communal life of faith and commitment in the Church through their weekly encounters within the 23four Group. Those who opt to join the Church at a more mature age are also accompanied by a specific catechetical programme similar to the RCIA. Other regular meetings are offered to young married couples, and the elderly are taken care of by organising social activities and outings.

The Lectio Divina is also an important weekly appointment for those who want to grow more familiar with the Word of God. In Victoria, catechesis for the young generation takes place mainly at the five catechetical centres spread around the town, for which, however, the Archpriest is mainly responsible. Other moments of formation with a higher level of commitment and the experience of small faith groups are offered by Catholic movements such as the Catholic Action, the Legion of Mary and the Neocatechumenal Way, which are also present in our community of faith, among others.