The Collegiate Chapter of St George’s Basilica

The Collegiate Chapter was instituted at St George’s Basilica by Gozo Bishop Nicholas J. Cauchi (1929-2010) on December 8, 1975, in recognition of the sterling pastoral service rendered by the parish clergy to the Christian community of the island for hundreds of years. As established in the erection decree Etsi Deus, the Bishop of Gozo is ex officio Dean and First Dignitary of the Urban Chapter, thus presiding over solemn liturgy on the major feast days of the Roman calendar, in particular that of St John Lateran, in virtue of the aggregation of St George’s Basilica to the Pope’s Cathedral (1968). The Rt Rev. Canons meet every Sunday and on the solemnities to recite together the Liturgy of the Hours.


Effective Canons

H.L. Mgr Anton Teuma LMetPed, BScEd, MAScForm, DipSS (25/JUN/1988), Bishop of Gozo

Can. Joseph Curmi JCL, SThB (13/JUN/2009)




Mgr Felix Tabone Capp. di S.S. (14/JUL/1978)

Can. Giovanni Gauci (07/APR/1962)

Can. Joseph A. Borg (Major) (06/APR/1957)

Can. George DeBrincat (06/APR/1957)

Can. George J. Frendo SThL (19/JUN/1982) – Maestro di Cappella

Can. Emanuel Buttigieg (24/JUN/1989)

Can. Joe Zammit JUD (31/MAY/1984)

Can. Geoffrey George Attard MTh, MLit (25/JUN/2004)

Can. Richard-Nazzareno Farrugia SThD (13/JUN/2009)

Honorary Canons
H.L. Mgr Alfred Xuereb SThD (26/MAY/1984) – Apostolic Nuncio in Korea and Mongolia

Mgr John Bosco Cremona (14/JUL/1978) – Rector of St Martha’s Church, Victoria

Mgr Karm Curmi (31/MAY/1984)

Can. Tonio Galea SThL (12/JUL/2003)

Can. Claudio Marras (11/DEC/1993)

Mgr Giuseppe Liberto (28/JUN/1969) – Director emeritus of the Pontifical Cappella Sistina Choir

Can. Simon Mario Cachia SThB, BScEd (28/MAY/2011) – Parish priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Fontana

Former Dean
H.Em. Mgr Mario Grech JCD, JUL (26/MAY/1984), Secretary-General of the Bishops’ Synod

Former Archpriests
Mgr Pawlu Cardona SThB, Prel. d’Onor. di S.S. (18/JUN/1977)

Mgr Joseph Farrugia SThD, Prel. d’Onor. di S.S. (14/JUL/1978)

Other members of the Parish Presbyterium
Mgr Anton Borg SThL, PhL, Capp. di S.S. (24/JUN/1972)

Rev. George Borg BScEd, LicPsy (23/JUN/1973) – Rector of St James Church, Victoria

Mgr Emanuel Curmi Capp. di S.S. (18/MAR/1961) – Director of Arka Foundation

Mgr Joseph Gauci (25/APR/1965)

Rev. Effie Masini LScSoc (27/JUN/1981) – Director of Don Bosco Oratory

Rev. Joseph C. Mercieca MA, DipMusSac (03/MAY/1986)

Rev. Renato Sammut JUD, ADV.RR (22/JUN/1985)

Rev. John Vella MA(Couns&Psych) (22/JUN/1992)

Priests resident in other parishes
Can. Geoffrey George Attard MTh, MLit (25/JUN/2004) – Parish co-operator of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Fontana

Mgr Jimmy Xerri PhL (27/JUN/1981) – Parish priest of Sts Peter and Paul Parish, Nadur