Radio Leħen il-Belt Victoria was founded in 1999, which as the name “leħen”(voice) suggests, was meant to be a voice not only for the town of Victoria but for the whole of the island. The community radio transmits on frequency 104MHz FM Stereo. It broadcasts all the year round on full or reduced schedules.

The radio’s reason of being is primarily that of delivering the Christian message.  It also serves as a means of educational formation – by broadcasting a variety of programmes ranging from literature, music, history, current news and others.  There are as well live broadcastings from outside the LBV 104 studios (mostly from the Basilica and the parish square).  This website is intended to be another link within the whole chain of communication which already includes the daily audio and video streaming.

Though its full and reduced schemes, LBV Radio offers daily company to many listeners – thus proving to be one of the most popular radio stations in Gozo.  The emigrants are eager to listen to this radio especially during the feast of St. George.  From within the heart of Gozo, LBV proves to be the link between our town and the whole world…

Who we are…
Leħen il-Belt Victoria is similar to a large piece of fabric made up of several intertwined related pieces.  It is the personality of each and every individual that, through his unique and creative contributions, constitutes the finest and most innovative image of a community station.

Since its inception in July 1999, LBV has utilised the experience of some of the best locally renowned media personalities.  This assisted the advancement of new presenters who increasingly started to join our team, even from outside the parish.

Full schedules, of about four to six weeks each, are offered in the seasons of (1) September-October when school open and the parish year begins, (2) December-January for the Christmas holidays, (3) March-April for Easter and St George’s Day as well as (4) June-July for the annual patronal Festa of St George.

In between these four periods of full schedule, programmes continue to be broadcast on a reduced schedule form, daily between 16 and 20 hours. At t the heart of our station’s schedules lies the daily transmission of Holy Mass and prayers, live, from St George’s basilica. Please see the schedule page for a timetable.

The aim of this website is to keep our internet listeners informed and, in the case of Maltese and Gozitan migrants, in touch with their parish, town and families.