It has been long expected and desired.  The restoration of our cupola has started.  Evident was the need of such works.

On the 26 of January, works kicked off with the laying of scaffolding.  It took some days to eventually cover the whole dome as it required laborious work and patience.  The project should have started some weeks before, however, due to inclement weather, especially strong winds, hindered the start of works.  Main work involved the restoration of stones or else its replacement.  Established procedures were enacted by the technical team engaged by our parish.  Practically, each stone was analysed to determine the way forward of conservation.  One needs to keep in mind how for many years, the cupola has faced strong weathering elements, amongst which strong winds and saline deposits.

Once work on the cupola will be finished, restoration on belfries and facade will start. Maintenance work on our Barigozzi bells and changes in the lighting systems are also envisaged.

Restoration works are entrusted to ReCoop Ltd following a public call.  Works are being sponsored by the Ministry for Gozo.



More photos:  JJP’s Photos

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