On the 8 of November the first five beams were securely placed around the dome’s circumference.  They were used as the base for the scaffolding to be used by restorers to go around the dome interior.  It was a laborious task to place all the beams around the dome.  Once the needed structures were in order, restoration works started.

All of Conti’s paintings were cleaned and duly restored from all the debris and dirt that accumulated along the years.  Works also included the restoration of decorative pasta and other elements which adorn the cupola, including the gilding of various areas of the dome.  The repainting of all the cupola was done as part of the final stages of the project.  Stained glass was also conserved.

Restoration works were entrusted to Atelier del Restauro following a public call.

Funding for this project was part financed by the European Union.

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