On this day no Masses are held except that of Confirmation at the Cathedral. In the evening the solemn Commemoration of the Last Supper on the eve of the Lord’s Passion for our redemption. This includes the washing of feet.

At 9.00am: Pontifical Celebration of the Blessing of Oil at the Cathedral, led by the Bishop with the participation of the Diocesan clergy.

At 6.30pm: Solemn Concelebration of the Last Supper of Our Lord, led by archpriest Mgr Joseph Curmi, assisted by the Collegiate chapter and clergy, including the Washing of Feet.

Once the Mass is over, the Holy Sacrament will be transported to the Altar of Reposition, for the adoration of the faithful.

The Collection will be directed to the Diocesan clergy, who depend on the generosity of the people of God for their living.