Quis ut Deus? A glorious day dawned brightly this morning, September 29! The proud and victorious St George’s Cross can be seen bedecking the no less victorious city of Gozo. It is the day of triumph of heaven over hell, of light over darkness, of grace over evil, of splendour over chaos, of the Lamb over the lion.  It is, indeed, a day of triumph!

Imbued in the history that gave our people their parish, its identity and its elementary mission, St George’s Basilica possesses one of the finest artistic masterpieces which adorn our churches: the statue carved in wood by Xandru Farrugia in 1838, depicting the angelic warrior Michael triumphant over evil, represented by God’s ancient foe, Satan.  St George’s Basilica, being the cardinal place of worship in Gozo, cherishes a long-standing tradition of cult and devotion towards the angelic protector of the people of God.

At 7.00pm a Solemn High Mass will be celebrated.