The 2023 edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival kicks off on Friday, June 9 with the Opening Orchestral Concert featuring the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Francis Camilleri (pianoforte) and Philip Walsh (conductor), performing in Teatru Astra. This festival will feature, amongst others, piano and guitar music, brass ensembles, organ and vocal recitals, violin sonatas, string quartets, and a grand concert by the National Philharmonic of Malta and the Laudate Pueri Choir.


Over the 26 years since its inception the Victoria International Arts Festival has grown from a seven day affair that it was in 1997 to thirty days and over that it has become today, comprising the concerts, academic lectures and master classes in pianoforte, violin, clarinet, oboe, flute, and horn that the performers freely offer to the local music student population.

St George’s Collegiate Chapter and Parish give their full support to the Festival since its objectives coincide with the desire of the Catholic Church to retain its role in society as an agent of culture.  The basilica offers its halls, administrative offices and community radio station knowing that the Festival constitutes a golden opportunity for inclusivity between people of differing cultures and religious persuasion, for the cultural formation of local youth and the further promotion of the locality of Rabat’s historic centre.

The arts festival is a run-up to the feast of St George which takes place during the second week of July leading to the third Sunday of the month.

For more information about the programme and attendance to any of the events, one can send an email to [email protected] or visit