Yesterday, a curious function unfolded at St George’s basilica – a penitential celebration with the participation of this year’s Holy Communion candidates.  These are the children who this year will be receiving their First Communion.  This celebration was led by Archpriest Mgr Joseph Curmi, and Bro Etienne Gilson, one of the catechists.

After an introduction by the Archpriest, and some spiritual thoughts for the occasion by Bro Gilson, the  children were respectively directed to approach a number of priests who were seated around the main altar and the basilica, and they made their confession.  It was their First Confession.

During the celebration the children were assisted by their catechists.  Many of them had also been accompanied to church by their parents.  The priests who heard their confessions were Can. George Frendo, Fr. Joseph Mercieca, Fr. Giovanni Curmi, Bro. Peter Paul Cachia, Bro. Etienne Gilson, Can. Richard N. Farrugia, and Archpriest Joseph Curmi.  The hymns were led by Ms Dorianne Portelli who also played her guitar.

A certificate was given to those who attended and a group photo was taken.  At the end of the celebration, a cake was cut to the applause of all those present.  It was a great opportunity to converse over some drinks and enjoy one another’s company.

All the children who made their first confession attend one of the various catechism centres spread out over the territory where the people of St George’s Parish Community have their homes.  According to church pastoral teaching, before receiving Holy Communion for the first time, children must go to the sacrament of Penance.

First Communion at St George’s basilica will take place on Sunday, May 28, 2023.