Holy Week activities were inaugurated at St George’s Basilica with a brass and wind concert of religious music performed by the La Stella Band of Victoria under the baton of Mro. Dr. John Galea.

The evening of religious music was held yesterday, April 2, at St George’s basilica, right after the end of the last Mass on Palm Sunday, as part of the Lenten and Holy Week celebrations that include primarily liturgical actions and pastoral activities.

This evening of music was organised by the La Stella Philharmonic Society in collaboration with the V. Rev. Chapter of St George’s Basilica.

A large audience that patronised the evening of beautifully performed music comprised parishioners and band supporters, music lovers and foreign residents.   The music performed was made up of both local and foreign compositions and it included compositions by band musical director, Dr. John Galea, the late Professor Joseph Vella, as well as by the late band’s great standard-bearer Giuseppe Giardini Vella.

[photo:  La Stella Band Facebook Page]