The vigil of Easter at St George’s basilica starts at 8.30pm.  It celebrates Christ’s passage from death to life and his triumph over evil and sin.  The liturgy begins in darkness (sin, death) and is enlightened by the fire and the candle representing the Light of Christ.  The light of Christ shines once again, tonight, upon the Christian community and the world.

The liturgy of the Easter Vigil will be presided by the archpriest of the basilica, Mgr Joseph Curmi.  The collegiate Chapter and clergy will participate and the Laudate Pueri will be under the direction of Can. George J Frendo.


Holy Saturday has been a day of waiting.  The Church is still saddened about what Jesus had to live through all for us.  Jesus’s body was in the tomb with the scars of his passion and death. The altar was left bare, and the sacrifice of the Mass was not celebrated.  But with the solemn vigil of this night, the Easter celebration begin and the joy of life will overflow into tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and the next fifty days.

In a few hours it will be Easter, time for celebration.

Let us gather in St George’s basilica for this celebration.