This year the procession will be held on Thursday, 6th April at 7.00pm.

Registration can be made at the Parish Office, by calling 9955 7300 or sending an email on [email protected].  Children aged five or older can participate.  Those wishing to drag chains in order in order to fulfil a vow or in penance should contact Mr Noel Sultana on 9925 3653.  Those wishing to participate in the procession in order to fulfil a vow or penance, but not drag chain, should register as well.

The parish urge all those planning to participate in the Good Friday Procession to attend the celebration of prayer and healing which will be led by Fr Marcello Ghirlando ofm, on Saturday 25th March at 7.45pm.

In the meantime some memories from 2019:

[photos:  Sebio Aquilina]