Last Monday was the first day of the first week of Lenten talks that are being offered by St George’s Basilica. This week’s Lenten talks were intended for parents, families and their children. These two talks, which this year were being held at 7.30pm, took place over the past five days, from Monday to Friday.

The Lenten talks for the families and parents were given by Fr Martin Cilia MSSP. He has been a veritable hit with his numerous and attendive listeners. Those who attended these talks, expressed satisfaction about the matters that Fr Cilia touched on, and his way of transmitting his thoughts. Many of the couples attending the Lenten talks were in their early middle-age.

In fact some have brought their children with them and these were being kept for them in the Parish House, supervised by a number of volunteers. Other children attended the Lenten talks that were prepared to them. Catechists Noel Formosa and Charlene Zammit gave these Lenten talks. These took place also from Monday, till Friday 3 March at 7.30pm. These talks were held in the Parish Hall.

Rev. Samuel Grech will give the general Lenten sermons to all, from tomorrow Monday, March 6, at 4.30pm, onwards. These will be held at St George’ Basilica.