And July it is.  The real countdown for St George’s Festa starts today!


This year’s programme’s full details has been published online today.  It contains small variations from the traditional setup of the Festa week:  the titular statue will be brought out of its niche on Sunday morning.  On Tuesday, there will be the inauguration of the Adoraton Chapel.


The Novena in honour of St George will start off on Saturday 6 July, at 7.00pm.  This year’s theme is San Ġorġ iwaħħadna mal-Ewkaristija. Archpriest Mgr Joseph Curmi will celebrate the nine Masses of spiritual preparation for the Festa, targeting children in particular, but open to all parish families.  This year, the Novena themes will be inspired by the neo-Byzantine Adoration Chapel.  Many surprises are in store.  This year, the Parish will give a special memento to all families who attend.