Last December Cardinal Mario Grech delivered a copy of the book on the Fejn hu ħuk? Project and the Acts of Mercy paintings to Pope Frances.

Recently we received a thank-you letter from Pope Francis in Spanish.  It reads (translated from a version in Maltese):

To Rev. Joseph Curmi and the Christians of
the Parish of Saint George, Gozo

I thank you for the letter and the book you sent
me that explain the work of the group Fejn hu
ħuk? I compliment you for making the Gospel
real and for promoting the culture of enounter.
Many thanks!

Thank you also for the love you spread, and for
the prayers you offer for the Church and for
myself, especially for the pastoral ministry that
I have been entrusted with.

I wish you a beautiful and holy Christmas and
a good year in 2024.

I give my blessing to each and every one of you
and invoke the protection of the Virgin Mary.
I promise to remember you in prayer and ask
you not to cease praying for me.