A 3-day master class on Gregorian chant led by Rev. Joseph Mercieca took place at St George’s Parish Centre on the weekend 9-11 September 2022. During these days the participants from Gozo, Malta and Germany had an opportunity to rehearse a Missa along with lectures on theory and practical advice on the singing techniques of plainchant.

On Sunday, 11th September, the last day of the workshop, the group accompanied a Holy Mass with the rehearsed Missa (https://youtu.be/_hTIutQ7OTM).

Gregorian chant, constituting the heart of liturgical sacred music and the igniting genre of modern musical notation, continues to rejuvenate believers and inspire singers worldwide for over a thousand years since the first attempts of its codification.

Schola Cantorum Gregoriana Sancti Georgii at St George Basilica is dedicated to keep this treasure of Church Art alive ([email protected]).