During the past days, the 23Four group organised a six-day trip to the north of Italy for teens aged 17+.  Kristina M. Curmi, that forms part of this group, was present during this interesting experience.  This is how she narrates this interesting vacation.

The itinerary brilliantly incorporated sightseeing, adventure and history. The group resided in the little picturesque village of Lappago, situated in Valle Aurina on the Speikboden Mountain (South Tyrol). The group visited the monumental city of Trento which is known for hosting the historical Council of Trent.  The group learnt that as a result of this Council, significant amendments to the Church’s liturgy and practices were made which are still used nowadays.

Moreover, the group also embarked on two hikes. The first hike took place amongst breath-taking waterfalls and the climax was reached upon the celebration of holy mass in a chapel at the highest point of the hike. The second hike, which took place at Val Gardena, was more physically challenging but surely worth it. In addition, the group went rafting on the Rienz river and also spent an afternoon at an adventure park which included parkour on obstacles amongst trees. On the final day, the group also spent an afternoon in Venice.

This holiday is part of the educational journey of our group that meets every week to help the students mature more spiritually and on the human level.  Archpriest Mgr Joseph Curmi led this experience abroad.