And July it is. We are just about two weeks away from the much awaited festa week! It is a fairly restless time here at St George’s.  A bit more than usual!

Our parish community has been spiritually preparing for the coming days from the very first months of the year.  Liturgical festivities were held in the last days of April, including a Solemn Vigil at St George’s Square with the statue of St George as the main focus. Immediately following those memorable days, the nine Thursdays in honour of St George kicked off in early May.

This year’s programme in full detail was made public in the last days, in time to be distributed with the Sunday parish bulletin. The eye-catching graphics, the layout and the information carried are not only attractive for all those who participate in the celebrations but also, from past years, has become a collector’s item.  In fact, the format of the program booklet of the St George’s festa has become a model for other parishes.



The nine days of catechetical and spiritual preparation for St George’s Feast start today.  Every day, from today till the 10th July at 7.00pm all devotees of St George, young and old, should be in the Basilica, to learn about and celebrate the life of our Saint.  During the Novena the four final Acts of Mercy paintings, part of the Fejn hu ħuk? Project will be inaugurated. The Novena is for you as well!  Come along and bring others with you.  Different priests will celebrate the nine Masses of spiritual preparation for the Festa, targeting children in particular, but open to all parish families. Many surprises are in store.  This year, the Parish will also give a special memento to all children who attend.