The programme booklet of the St George’s festa is out.  The booklet is published by the Parish Office in collaboration with the La Stella Philharmonic Society.

The eye-catching graphics, layout and information carried makes of this annual booklet not only an attractive aid for those who wish to participate fully in the festa but also, once again, a collectors’ item.

Besides the agenda of liturgical, pastoral, philanthropic, festive, and cultural activities, the booklet contains interesting information about some of the basilica innovations and external decorative oeuvres that are being introduced or displayed for the first time during this festa season.

The programme booklet will be distributed free of charge to all the parish households with the weekend’s bulletin.  Copies will be available in the Parish Office possibly against a donation for the festa.

Have a glance at this year’s Programme of events to celebrate Gozo’s Patron Saint and mark your calendars with the main liturgies at St George’s Basilica and other activities.



You may download the Festa Programme.