The newly published St George’s Parish 2020 Calendar, distributed among parishioners over the past few days, is a beautiful and useful companion for the year ahead.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour plates, it gives pride of place to the church restoration conducted last year. This restoration has rediscovered the vibrant freshness and vigour of the sacred art that decks our church dome , and has led many of us to re-appreciate Conti’s paintings in all their spirituality and grandeur. This is all thanks to the team of photographers and their skillful camerawork, and the author of the comprehensive commentary that accompanies the pictures.


The calendar also contains a parish diary of the coming year, listing the important events of the Parish and the liturgical year. The numerous branches and committees of the Parish are also specified, with the respective contact details, which one is convinced will come in handy throughout the year.

The official nature of the calendar is evident on the inside cover which lists the clerical membership and hierarchy of the Basilica, and other important personnel who enable the Parish to provide its precious day-to-day service to the faithful.

This is a smart publication that should find its place in every household, and a useful gift to present at this time of year.