A text from one of the theatrical renditions of St George’s life penned by the late Mgr Salv Borg was read for the conclusion of this year’s Novena of St George last Sunday.

The nine days of catechetical and spiritual preparation for St George’s Feast, which will be celebrated this Sunday in Victoria, came to a fitting end with a short feature on the cult of St George in various countries around the world, as shown in G.B. Conti’s beautiful painting in the Apse of the Organ Balcony above the main entrance of the Basilica.

To conclude, the beautiful statue of St George Victorious, or San Ġorġ ta’ barra, 125 years old this year, was carried shoulders high inside the jam-packed church amidst the cheerful singing of Georgius natus est and the joyous clapping of hands. A true prelude indeed for the coming days!

Archpriest Joseph Curmi thanked all those who helped out in the organisation of the Novena and also the members of our community who participated in the nine Thursdays leading to the Feast, which started as early as May.

A party for all children and their families followed in St George’s Square.

St George’s Novena photos