The Holy Triduum for this year, aptly delivered by Fr Anthony Bajada, came to an end earlier today.

The preacher presented in a meaningful way the themes of holiness, witness (martyria) and, last but not least, the struggle which leads to the victory of God’s faithful servant.

In 2009, Noel Micallef had published an interesting list of priests who preached the Triduum homilies for the Titular Feast of St George from 1950 onwards. The research had featured in an article named Min fis-sema tnissel, la jixjieħ u la jmut on that year’s edition of the Festa Booklet published by the La Stella Philharmonic Society.

Based on that research, here is an updated list of Triduum preachers for the last forty three years.


Year        Preacher

2019         Rev. Anthony Bajada
2018         Rev. George Ocar Buttigieg ofmconv
2017         Rev. Joe Buttigieg ofmcap [Superior of the Franciscan Capuchin Friary, Victoria]
2016         Can. Ġwann Sultana [Rector of St Anthony the Abbot’s Church, Xagħra]
2015         Mgr Joseph Sultana [Archpriest of the Għarb Collegiate]
2014         Rev. Simon Mario Cachia
2013         Rev. Roberto Gauci [The Bishop’s Master of Ceremonies]
2012         Rev. Richard Nazzareno Farrugia
2011         Hon. Can. Dr Joseph Zammit
2010         Can. George Bezzina
2009         Mgr Carmelo Refalo [Archpriest of the Xagħra Collegiate]
2008         Rev. Ġużepp Gauci
2007         Rev. Geoffrey George Attard
2006         Rev. Jesmond Grech sdb
2005         Can. Dr Mario Grech [Parish Priest of Ta’ Kerċem]
2004         Mgr Dr Ġużeppi Farrugia [Archpriest of St George’s Basilica]
2003         Rev. Ġużepp Gauci
2002         Rev. David Cilia
2001         Rev. Ġorġ Attard ofmconv
2000         Rev. Fabio Attard sdb
1999         Can. Karm Curmi
1998         Mgr Ġorġ Tabone
1997         Can. Ġużeppi Cauchi
1996         Rev. Lawrence Zammit [Parish Priest of Kalkara]
1995         Rev. George J. Frendo
1994         Rev. Karm Attard [Parish Priest of Qrendi]
1993         Can. George Bezzina [Parish Priest of Fontana]
1992         Rev. Albert Micallef ofm
1991         Can. Mikiel Borg [Parish Priest of San Lawrenz]
1990         Mgr Ewkaristiku Sultana [Archpriest of the Xagħra Collegiate]
1989         Rev. Giovanni Bosco Cremona
1988         Rev. Effie Masini
1987         Rev. Louis Bezzina
1986         Rev. Dr Ġużeppi Farrugia
1985         Rev. Alfred Xerri ofmcap
1984         Rev. Pawl Genovese
1983         Rev. Ġorġ Zammit ofmconv [Superior of the Franciscan Conventual Friary, Victoria]
1982         Rev. Lawrenz Sciberras
1981         Rev. Ġorġ Aquilina ofm
1980         Can. Nikol Vella Apap
1979         Can. Salv Borg
1978         Mgr Mikelanġ Apap
1977         Rev. Ġużepp Borg Attard [Archpriest of Qala]
1976         Can. Ġużeppi Gauci


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