As we are now in festa week, activity at St George’s Basilica is hectic and busy. From nearly last month, the Basilica started to be adorned with its festa decorations.

The first chore was putting the damask in place, followed by the placing of candlesticks on each altar. Afterwards, the sconces were fixed along all the church to add to the richness of St George’s Basilica.

This year two chandeliers were restored and placed in the middle of the aisle, where the statue of St George has been placed tonight.

All this work is complimented by other chores which include the setting up of our Basilica festive lighting system, cleaning of silverware, the setting up of the larger pedestal to support the statue (bradella), the suspended oil-lamps and the altar frontals, amongst other things.

Its a long list of items and decorations which are now gracing our Basilica for all to admire but also as a sign that God and the sacred liturgy deserve the best.

So, if you are in Gozo, or planning to come, there’s no place else to visit… come and join us, visit our Basilica and also Victoria. The island of Gozo is celebrating its Patron Saint!