Our parish is inviting everyone of you to join in a series of parish meetings held every week.   Different topics are tackled, including teachings, worship, adoration, games and much more.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend.



Holy Communion:  Thursdays at 5.30pm | Parish Centre

Holy Confirmation:  Thursdays at 5.30pm | Parish Centre

Altar Boys:  Sundays at 10.00am

New Altar Boys:  Sundays at 3.00pm

Mass for children:  Sundays at 10.00am



Year 8:  Saturdays at 6.30pm

Years 9 – 11:  Wednesdays at 7.30pm

16+:  Tuesdays at 8.00pm


YOUTH 18+:  Fridays at 8.30pm & Mass for youths – Sundays at 7.00pm


COUPLES PREPARING FOR CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE:  Sundays at 9.30am (begin on 21 October)


COUPLES WITH CHILDREN:  Every second Saturday of the month at 7.30pm


ADULTS:  Aqdef ‘il barra fil-Fond | Meeting of prayer and Biblical reflection.


ELDERLY:  Activities and events to be published on the weekly bulletin


AUTISM:  Monthly Mass for families with autistic children. (First one on Saturday 6 October at 7.00pm | Parish Hall).