Parish Magazine 'Il-Belt Victoria'

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The parish magazine, which is a publication in the Maltese language, is distributed to all the parish homes over the weekend together with the weekly parish Il-Bulettin Parrokkjali.

Entitled Il-Belt Victoria, the magazine is almost in its 190th issue and features both regular and special contributions. The regular contributions are the editorial, the messaġġ written by the Archpriest and the parish diary. Special articles include reports on particular events during the year as well as various series on interesting topics, such as the history of the Basilica.  From time to time homilies delivered by the Bishop or the Archpriest on great events are included as well.  The annual parish calendar is the most important of supplements that are published occasionally with the magazine.

The editorial board, headed by the Archpriest, presently includes Francesco Pio Attard, Andrew Formosa, and Noel Micallef.  The publication has had Michael A. Cassar as its 'editor' for a long time.  Cassar had worked hard, since the magazine's inception, to make of it the success that it has been over the almost 30 years since its first issue in July-August 1981.  The magazine is read by many more people than those who make up the St George's parish community in Victoria.  In fact it is sent to many other homes in Gozo and Malta, and flies to several foreign countries that host emigrants from Gozo, both in Europe, Australia and the Americas.

It is printed as a full-colour publication at the A&M Print (Qala).  For its funding it is entirely dependent on the Parish Office and on contributions from its readers.   The magazine is distributed free of charge.

Il-Belt Victoria was first issued as the outcome of a decision taken at a seminar in February 1981 for parish co-operators at the time of the late Archpriest Mgr Emanuel Mercieca's tenure.   Then, Il-Belt Victoria not only became one of the first parish bi-monthlies in the diocese of Gozo, but also one of the more important means of communication between the parish church of St George and the members of its widespread community.   It remains very important although other media have been added to the pastoral ministry of communication within the parish community, including the radio station Leħen il-Belt Victoria and the internet website These means have enhanced, but not entirely substituted, the bell towers that since time immemorial call the faithful to Mass and inform them of liturgical commemorations and church functions.

Apart from being an instrument of information, the parish bi-monthly Il-Belt Victoria is also a means of spiritual formation with regular contributions featuring catechetical topics and cultural activities and targeting particular readerships, including the young.

Leaf through the pages of Il-Belt Victoria's latest edition