LBV 104 Full Winter Schedule


Full Winter Schedule 2016  |   27 November 2016 - 8 January 2017


Leħen il-Belt Victoria, the community radio station of St George's Basilica, broadcasts all year round on full or reduced schedules.

Full schedules, of about four to six weeks each, are offered in the following seasons:

(1) September-October, when school open and the parish year begins,
(2) December-January for the Christmas holidays,
(3) March-April for Easter and St George’s Day, as well as,
(4) June-July for the annual Titular Feast of St George.

In between these four periods of full schedule, programmes continue to be broadcast on a reduced schedule basis, daily between 4pm and 8pm. At the heart of our station’s schedules lies the daily transmission of Holy Mass and prayers, live from St George’s Basilica.

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